Abby Jamgochian

Abby Jamgochian - Acrylic Fluid & Abstract Artist

My name is Abby and I’m an acrylic fluid artist, and abstract artist. In 2021, I was searching for an outlet while the world was locked down that would help me release my anxiety and allow me to create. After attempting other forms of art, I happened to switch to acrylic fluid art and I instantly fell in love with it. It turned into my obsession! After taking some time to play with different techniques, I started to hone in on Dutch pours. I love the movement of them, and how the blending of colors gives you something so different from where you started. I love how you have to just let go and go for it to get a beautiful creation. Painting is just about all I think about now as I journey to, and dream of, becoming a full-time artist. My work explores movement in any way that I can get the paint to move, either by the shapes I pour the paint into, or how I decide to blow it out.

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