Abby May

Abby May - Acrylic Fluid & Abstract Artist

Abby is an artist living in Durham, North Carolina. Her love for creating started with acrylic fluid art, but she is always exploring new styles with acrylic. She loves the freedom in creation, and how she can let go and express what she’s feeling. She has seen early success in selling her paintings at live First Saturday shows at Mystic Distillery through Art-n-Soul. She has also sold her artwork through businesses in the local Durham area such as Moon Dog Meadery, and Durty Bull Brewing.

Abby hopes to spread positivity, inner peace, and serenity with each painting. Her artwork serves as a reminder to surrender control and be present in a world where our attention gets pulled every which way.


My acrylic fluid and abstract art is a visual journey of the unpredictable area between intention and spontaneity. With each piece, I surrender to the unpredictable nature of liquid acrylics, allowing vibrant colors and flowing forms to merge and evolve on the canvas. Through this dynamic process, I hope to invoke emotions and ignite the imagination, inviting viewers to find their own meaning within the twists, turns, and swirls of my work. It is a journey of fluidity, freedom, and the ever-changing beauty of the abstract.

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