Annie Blazejack

We, Geddes Levenson and Annie Blazejack, are in a long term committed collaboration. We are painters, but we’ll follow ideas into other media like immersive installation, performance, and video. Our collaborative process is about expanding what we can imagine. We’ve been working together for about ten years, learning about each other’s painting techniques and idea-building processes over time. We make work through conversation, building towards ideas better than either of us could imagine alone. We challenge our expectations and defaults, looking at problems from two different perspectives at once. 


We examine the interdependence between human-made and wilderness spaces. As the climate warms and forests try to adapt, what stewardship responsibilities should we have, and how will we adapt in kind? Science fiction stories, especially those about human encounters with alien landscapes, help us imagine our changing relationship to the ecosystem with creativity and nuance. Can artwork encourage viewers to encounter new and unfamiliar environments with empathy, to enjoy the unfamiliar and grotesque, to find parts of themselves in dramatically alien Others?


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