Asienne Moore

Name:  Asienne J. Moore

DoB:  April 19, 1992

About:  Born in sunny California and raised in North Carolina, my name is Asienne and I originally founded antonymZoo Studios back in 2011 but hadn’t truly become active until 2020. Originally called “A Many Moore,” I was initially inspired to start this business in homage to my father, Aaron Michael Moore III, who is also a self-employed artist with his own business, Amoore Art, Antiques, and Collectibles. Though my dad’s work with portraiture and landscape art in graphite, oil, acrylics, and mixed media proudly exemplifies his roots with strong realism and historical themes; my own art focuses on creative exaggerations with fictional and fantasy themes.  A Many Moore ultimately became antonymZoo Studios with the help of my dear friend Zoey A. who helped come up with the business name and the design for the logo. Alongside with our friend Robert, both of my friends were a bit part of the initial driving force that led to me creating the current website and business.


  • Character Portrait: Charlotte; Created on commission

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