Brian Behm

I am captivated by the abstraction of sacred art and landscape.

Much of my work explores the horizon as a metaphor—the meeting place of the Divine and the human. Painting provides a cathartic way to reflect on personal and spiritual topics.

Utilizing active and expressive marks, richly layered compositions, and deep emotive space, the work invites viewers to contemplation.

As artistic director of Level Ground Film Festival in 2014, I curated artists from around the country to participate in a project for generous conversation and space-making at the intersection of faith communities and the LGBTQ+ community. My works have been published in Welter (a literary journal) and The Beat (an art magazine), and I won Best in Show for a digital collage icon of Christ I created for a show called De-Colonizing the Christ in Harrisburg, PA in 2021. I also won an award for Second Place Best in Show at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I hold a B.A. in art and also work as a graphic designer.

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