Caitlin Schmitt

Painting in the studio.

Born in Lake Arrowhead, CA, Caitlin Schmitt is an abstract expressionist painter who creates soulful and intuitive canvases from her studio in Durham, NC. She works with acrylic, pumice, charcoal, and various textured mediums on canvas. Caitlin began painting at the age of 32 and is self taught.

Her education and training before this newfound passion includes a B.A. in Religious Studies and Dance from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008, a certification in Massage and Health Education from The National Holistic Institute, and a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in 2017. In many ways, this education informs her work profoundly and she carries her experiences working with the human body into her painting process.

Her work channels the wisdom, energy, and emotions of the embodied experience onto the canvas. She explores the intersection of the spiritual realm with the physical body in her sensual, energetic, and visceral paintings. All of her work facilitates healing, both in the process and as viewers bear witness to them.

Caitlin creates unique, large scale commissions that are focused on the healing and spiritual journeys of her clients. She offers energy healing sessions in her art studio for those interested in having her intuitive vision and experience of their energy body captured on the canvas. She also loves working with students, helping them to explore the beautiful world of abstract expressionism and intuition.

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