Freddie Bell


Freddie is living in Hillsborough, NC and is glad to call North Carolina home once again. Freddie was born in Charlotte, NC. Their passion for creating has followed them to Los Angeles and back and across careers in the arts and social work. Freddie finds inspiration in community and how we understand ourselves. Freddie received his BA in Art at Warren Wilson College in 2012. They have participated in group shows in Los Angeles and throughout North Carolina. Freddie is currently a Regional Emerging Artist Resident at Artspace in Raleigh, NC. Gender and identity have been common subjects and inspirations for Freddie’s work since undergraduate school, influenced by his lived experience. Freddie loves using color, shape, and varied repetition to reflect on identity.


My identity as a queer and transgender person informs how I see and move through the world and is a fundamental influence in all my work. I am interested in exploring the binaries and systems we have created for ourselves as individuals and communities. Currently my focus is on grief and the physical body. I became interested in fascia, the thin tissue running throughout our bodies, and I have discovered many parallels to the process of grief. Working primarily with acrylic, I use the relationship of pattern, form, and color to express both tension and release.

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  • \\\\\\"Grief as my Companion\\\\\\" 2022, acrylic on canvas, 14x11

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