JP Trostle

After an occasionally-award-winning career in print (built on newspapers, books, magazines and other dead tree media) I was able to parley my graphic design sensibility and eye for found art into a new direction as a multi-discipline artist. With my experimental photography I explore the “happy accident” and the effect of chaos on creativity, while my carefully crafted sculptures and site-specific installations are designed to be social commentary on politics, gentrification, and history.

Over the past five years I’ve been in 15 exhibits in the Triangle, including four solo shows, and helped to curate a friend’s career retrospective as a political cartoonist before he died. I’ve also collaborated with student artists on murals and public art installations.

I continue to maintain contacts in the publishing sphere, working with editorial cartoonists on First Amendment and free speech issues, and periodically assisting game designers and documentary makers on their projects. I also still do the occasional caricature.

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