Karen Novy

Karen Novy began playing piano at the tender age of five years old, taught first by her father who was a popular piano teacher in the small town of Watchung, NJ where she grew up. She quickly fell in love with the instrument and spent most of her childhood playing on those 88 keys while everyone else was playing kickball.

She began writing songs at age 17, and discovered her love of emotionally honest lyric writing. Songwriting and performing for Novy has always been primarily about communicating raw emotion and the healing power of music to the listening audience.

​After getting her degree in music education at Mason Gross School of the Arts, she taught for a few years in an elementary school before heading to New Orleans to immerse herself in the jazz and blues music scene there.

Karen recorded her first full-length CD with co-producer and drummer Steven Feldman while living in New York City. To promote that record “Living True”, she began touring up and down the east coast, both as a solo artist and with a trio. She followed that album up with an ep of 4 pop songs, co-written with and produced by Andrew Hollander, entitled “halfway there”. Karen’s newest CD “Always” was released in 2016.

In between songwriting trips to Nashville and live performances in the Triangle area of North Carolina, she is in pre-production on a new album due out in the Autumn of 2018.


  • Part of my \"30 for 30 \" video series: Those Times Now

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