Katherine Grossfeld

Home, Oil on panel, 30 x 30\\\"

Katherine Grossfeld
Artist Statement

During the last few years of self-imposed isolation due to the pandemic, I have found tremendous solace and joy in my studio practice. Rewriting my Artist Statement during the pandemic, I changed the first few lines to reflect my unashamed search for beauty:

The transcendence art allows us is rare and precious. Experiencing art in our daily lives gives us peace, joy and escape from chaos. There is power in beauty.

While ordinary life experiences and observations about our culture are often the content in my still life paintings, I am equally interested in the formal matters of creating art. I might be drawn to the striking complimentary colors of an orange/brown cognac bottle with a bright green rubber snake curled around it, or the delightful way edges disappear when adjacent objects are very close in value, or the way local color and temperature change as light passes over things. Choosing how to best convey the focus of my painting to the viewer is unique to each painting. The process is a constant journey of discovery.

Dedicated to contemporary realism, I have always loved the challenges involved in drawing and painting from life. In recent years contemporary realism has enjoyed increased acceptance in the art world, and organizations dedicated to it are going strong, including Oil Painters of America, International Guild of Realism, Art Renewal Center and others which I have joined and been active in in recent years. Artists who are l

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