Lance Scott

Photo by Morgan Crutchfield of Morgan Crutchfield Photography

Lance Scott combines a deep reverence for the gospel and soul of the black church with a love of modern jazz, rap, and R&B to create his eclectic sound. Born and raised in Durham, NC, the acclaimed bassist and producer has been involved in several projects, received multiple Grammy nominations, and built a catalog of transcendent music. Now, as he is beginning to take his career to new levels, Lance is dedicated to creating music that sonically consumes the listener, temporarily taking them on a journey through his heart.

Lance first gained national attention earning Grammy nods for his collaborations with Nneena and Pierce Freelon in the categories of Best Jazz Vocal and Best Children’s Album. Co-Founder of Grammy Nominated Production Team E.L. Scott- Lance, alongside collaborator and producer Esquina Lee, began releasing a steady stream of intricate, soulful tracks. E.L. Scott quickly earned a reputation as one of the most dynamic young production teams in the game.

Since then, Lance has continued to evolve as a musician, revealing new sides of his artistry with every release.He has established himself as a vital talent, capable of creating powerful, meaningful music. With new tracks expected in 2022 and beyond, Lance Scott is poised to leave his mark on the modern music world.


  • Photo by: Morgan Crutchfield Photography


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