Mark Bickett

It wasn’t that many years ago that I had never heard or seen a Native American style flute.  My wife and I were at an art show and about to leave when she remembered that we had a $20 gift certificate.  Determined to use it, we explored the booths a bit more and my wife purchased a small B flute without any idea what was in store for us.

After a few weeks my wife, a professional musician and voice teacher, was hooked.  She realized that her voice training was a perfect fit for playing these magical instruments.  Since that first encounter at the art show her flute world exploded into performances, teaching and a collection of flutes in many keys, shapes and sizes.

The logical progression was to move into flute making to help feed my wife’s and also my developing flute needs.  I was lucky enough to find an apprenticeship with a highly skilled and generous local flute maker and began refining the skills needed to produce my own flutes.  I expanded and retooled my woodworking shop to include the standard and specialized tools needed for the task.  The rest is history.  I was introduced to a new world of music and art, made some incredible lasting friendships and had the opportunity to get back to my love of woodworking.

I strive to design flutes that require minimum breath expenditure to produce the warmth and fluid sound associated with these simple amazing instruments.

With the exterior of the instrument as my canvas, I work tirelessly to incorporate the visual bea

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