Mark Bump

\\\'Deal\\\' 2012

Political and social issues are important inspirations for each of my sculptures.  I aim to construct an image that is compelling on the aesthetic, conceptual, and tactile levels, allowing the viewer’s experience to be determined by the level of interaction they have with the piece. By layering the information throughout the work, I hope to guide the viewer towards a particular conclusion or experience. By participating in the work, the audience examines all facets of the concept, promoting better understanding of the art’s purpose. Methods of my recent sculptural body utilize the concepts I call the engaged system and the disengaged system. Engaged systems us functional kinetic aspects to elucidate interpretation of the work’s theme. Disengaged systems use purposely dismantled or physically broken kinetic elements to create a sense of anxiety in the viewer, highlighting the viewer’s assumption that basic societal organization should function.

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