McKayla Walker

McKayla Walker is an artist based in Cary, North
Carolina and received her BFA with a concentration in
painting/drawing from Appalachian State University
during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.
McKayla’s work has developed into researching the
concept of home in response to the uncertainty and fear
that came with the pandemic. After struggling with her
own identity of home and community, McKayla
explored the concept of home further in her paintings
and what home represents to those who struggle with
financial and housing security. Her work plays with
storytelling and uses elements that provoke nostalgia to
those growing up in the rise of technology by using
imagery often seen in video games and cartoons.
McKayla’s work questions her audience in what sparks
the feeling of home through representative imagery
relating to community, or lack thereof.

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