Michael Perry

In the early part of the 80s after getting my BA in English, I began to work in earnest on painting and sculpture.

I jumped into painting and found object sculptures in Southern Utah. I was obsessed with the red cliffs that surrounded me and the magic of the desert.  I began with geometric, hard edge paintings with repeating patterns of the landscape and the colors that vibrated in my surroundings. I also created ‘found object’ sculptures (branches, cactus skeletons, feathers, corn husks and seed pods) resulting in Kachina types sculptures with movement. Around 1984 I became fascinated with pointillism after perceiving that most of the desert was defined subtly by the grains of sand and speckles of sandstone. This resulted in 23 large works in a series called ‘Cleft’, inspired by pointillism and color field painting.

As my culinary career took over I did very few works on canvas, so photography and digital art was the most logical and logistical method for my artistic expression.

Since moving to Durham, I began The Joy Project which is based on design elements and color theory from various studies on ‘joy’. The series combines pointillism and hard edge.  I am also engaged  in a love affair with works on paper. The ink work is inspired by the serendipitous nature of ink on paper and water and the organic feel of the work.

My fondest hope is my work creates in me and the viewer a sense of awe, a sense of wonder and a still-point of the quiet embrace of happiness.


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