Mushpa + Mensa .

Mushpa + Mensa is a duo of artists made up of Cara Reynolds and Maria-Emilia Borja.
We draw inspired good for the soul art, draft and hand print all of it using the most Eco inks out there, and we print on 100% organic cotton, fair trade certified, and most ridiculously soft tees. We also print on upcycled fabric and create decorative pillows, plus other fiber creations like little ornaments, cat nip toys etc… We use appliques on our organic cotton tees to create one of a kind pieces which we call ART-Tees, and the felt we use is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! We also have one of a kind art pieces in mini canvases, paper, cardboard and wood.


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  1. I am sending this for my daughter. Chloe Pearce is 17, she is looking to intern or volunteer with artist. She is an artist herself using mixed media, and now working with some digital art work. She has taken a summer intensive course with UNCSA and will again this summer. We are looking to find a place that she can continue to grow her art, she is not looking for a job that pays well, just

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