Serena Fenton

I make jewelry with tiny enamel-on-copper paintings. Long, long ago and pretty far away, I was an architect, working on buildings in big cities (New York, Baltimore and Seattle). I actually did a lot of construction management. Then computers got graphical interfaces and I fell in love. Drawing illustrations on a Mac+ with a brick for a mouse. It was a beginning in digital arts. Trying to figure out how to make a living, I spent several years in Information Architecture, teaching computer science and design at the university.

I discovered enameling on metal while doing a 9 week work-study program at John C Campbell Folk School. What sould be better? Fabulous studio space in teh mountains with great people and incredible meals 3x a day. I came home to my painting studio, no kiln, but a fair amount of space. I taught myself to torch enamel without burning the house down. I took a metalworks basics class at the local community center. Then covid hit. Back to the internet.

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  1. Hello Serena,
    I just returned from a one week class at John C Campbell folk school in cloisonne enameling. I thought I would do better having a small art background, but this proved to be more challenging than I expected. I loved the class very much and want to see about pursuing this. But like you returned home with no kiln. I was wondering if I could communicate with you about doing some one on

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