Sheila Kerrigan

Her show for 3rd-5th graders, “The Scientific Mime, or, What’s Up With Gravity?” uses mime to illustrate concepts like force, push-pull, inertia, mass, sound, and air. Audience participation, and belly laughs, are included. In “Mime Explains String Theory,” for older audiences, the mime starts before birth and ends after death, and toddles through thirteen stages of Woman. She stumbles on the meaning of life and struggles to communicate it. Author of “The Performer’s Guide to the Collaborative Process,” she uses drama to teach communication, creativity, and collaboration. She works with youth and seniors to create performances about issues important to them. She served on the Alternate ROOTS Resources for Social Change Training team, where she helped develop a curriculum on using the arts to spur progressive change, including anti-racism work. As a former Fellow with the A+ Schools Program, and now with the Southeast Center for Arts Integration, she leads professional development for teachers and artists on integrating the arts with subjects across the curriculum. She taught Community-Based Performance at Duke and Creating Original Performance at Bennington College’s July Program. She co-founded, co-directed, and performed with TOUCH Mime Theater for seventeen years, and directed, wrote and performed with Jelly Educational Theater for four years. She has performed and taught in 22 states, in schools, prisons, senior centers, and now in parking lots, outdoor

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  • A brief excerpt, performed for 5th graders at Grier Academy, Charlotte, NC. Written and performed by Sheila Kerrigan. Video by Steve Clarke.

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