Sydney Sogol

Sydney Sogol is a handweaver creating exquisite luxury wearable art. She hand paints and dyes yarn to mimic the gorgeous colors found in birds. Once dyed she dresses the looms by taking each individual thread through multiple parts of the loom until they are all neatly aligned and under perfect tension. Then the magic of weaving her complex original patterns begins. Each hand crafted item tells a vivid, visual story from a distance that transforms into one full of luscious details when up close, similar to how birds magnificent colors and plumage change from various angels. Each scarf is a one of a kind due to the nature of hand dyeing. Sogol obtains certified tencel, an award winning Eco-friendly sustainable yarn, from a North American mill. Sydney hopes that her work encourages people to notice things they otherwise might miss about the world around them, move them beyond being a passive observer of the natural world, and inspire them to learn more about the species behind my work.

Weaving is her medium of choice because, in addition to designing new patterns and fields of color, the repetitive nature of crafting the work itself on my looms allows me to slip into a relaxed and yet focused state, with the motions establishing a rhythmic flow similar to taking a walk to look at birds.


  • Handwvoen Capelets inspired by Silver Pheasant

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