HarLau Productions LLC

HarLau Productions LLC

HarLau Productions

A North Carolina-based film production company

Dedicated to Craft and Quality


dedicated to the Production and Presentation of Feature and Short films, Music Videos and Documentaries.

Our production company is always collaborating with artists, filmmakers, screenwriters and other creatives from around the country to create incredible stories.

The Cutty Sark was one of the fastest and largest ships ever constructed in the clipper-class of ships.

It was a direct result of years of fine-tuning and engineering.

At HarLau Productions, our goal is clear in that we are constantly refining the skills of our team

while remaining cognizant that

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Our resiliency and efficiency are direct results of the seas we’ve navigated.

The challenges that we face have helped us to evolve into more dynamic and compassionate allies.

We embrace the future challenges for ourselves and partners and see them as an opportunity to show compassion and support,

while enthusiastically welcoming the mastery and resiliency gained by being triumphant in those challenges.

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