Huepa Culture & Arts Institute

Huepa Culture & Arts Institute

Huepa Culture & Arts Institute! was created in the city of Durham in May 2015. Just like its name describes it, Huepa! means  joy and celebration in the form of  Latin American performing arts. Huepa! is composed by children and adults from different ages, races and backgrounds with the main purpose of promoting Latin American heritage.  Students are instructed in dance, body movements,  self image and cultural identity. Classes are bilingual and students are encouraged to participate in social and cultural activities   aim at promoting Latin and North American holidays and traditions.  When ready, students are encouraged to perform locally and statewide. Huepa! strongly believes that by celebrating one’s roots and traditions our children can become stronger adults in mind and spirit. Let’s make this world a better place one dance at the time.


  • Bullerengue dance representative of the Colombian Coast region is performed by Huepa! Kids at La Fiesta del Pueblo 2016!

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