Justin Tornow / COMPANY

Justin Tornow / COMPANY

Justin Tornow is a North Carolina native, currently based in Durham, NC. She is the artistic director of COMPANY, founded in 2013. She is a producer of the local artist series PROMPTS, and a co-founder and -organizer with Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA.) Justin’s work is often collaborative and inter-disciplinary, partnering with composers and musicians Lee Weisert and Matt McClure, Jess Dilday, and Del Ward; film and video artists Michelle Lotker and Alex Maness; and visual artist Heather Gordon. Her projects have been presented by CAM-Raleigh, Tanzart Atelier in Germany, 21c Hotel and Museum, UGA Dancz Center for New Music, The UNC Process Series, the Sax Open Festival in Strasbourg, France, UGA-Cortona in Cortona, Italy, Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA,) Triangle Dance Project, GSO Fringe Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival, CoolNY Festival, Philly Fringe, and the NC Dance Festival. In 2010, Justin received an MFA in Choreography from UNC-Greensboro; she lived and worked in NYC from 2010-2013, and relocated to Durham, NC in June 2013. Justin was the artist-in-residence at Tanzart Atelier in Kirschau, Germany Fall 2017, and recently served as a guest artist at NC State University and part-time dance faculty at UNC-Greensboro, teaching studio courses in technique, composition, and repertory.


  • Photo: Michelle Lotker


  • No. 19 / Modulations (Trailer) Choreography, direction, concept: Justin Tornow COMPANY performers: Amy Blakely, Hunter Darnell, Austin Dixon, Kate Kyle, Jasmine Powell, Glen Rumsey, Justin Tornow. Concept and visual art: Heather Gordon. Video and projection: Alex Maness. Music compositions and live performances by: Lee Weisert and Matt McClure, Del Ward, and Jess Dilday (Playplay.) Premier: July 21-24, 2017 - live stream and performances at 21c Museum and Hotel, Durham, NC. For Justin Tornow's full video gallery, please visit: https://vimeo.com/user4765605

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