Liberty Arts

Liberty Arts

Founded in 2001, Liberty Arts serves as an incubator in which artists work together to teach, learn, and inspire. All artists also take on public and private commissions, in addition to exhibiting and selling their work at the Liberty Arts Gallery.

  • We are an artist’s studio, foundry, and gallery whose purpose and mission is to enrich our communities with arts experiences that inspire, empower, educate and entertain.
  • We offer classes in welding, casting, letterpress, pottery, woodworking, glassblowing, jewelry, pipe-making and ceramics.
  • We facilitate the creation of quality, saleable works of art.
  • We attract innovative and accomplished sculptors and artists.
  • We educate aspiring artists and incubate their careers.
  • We inspire enthusiasm in our community for the sculpture arts, and provide easy access to skills associated with the industrial arts.
  • We aim to fulfill our mission in a way that provides an adventure to participants and visitors alike.
  • We also have a foundry located in Durham Central Park where we pour bronze and aluminum into molds created by our artists and students. Once a year we put on an Iron Pour in Durham Central Park and invite everyone to participate in a variety of ways.


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