Yinan Du

Yinan Du


Website: https://1192514712.wixsite.com/yinandu

 +86 13730710489

   Edens Quad, Durham, NC, 27708

​Hi, I am Yinan Du, a multi-media artist who is interested in using diverse media to interpret and portray the world I am living in. Through a variety of media-animation, performing arts, abstract drawing, experimental film, illustration, sound design- I aim to find a communal ground for theses media to communicate with each other and by employing them altogether I can generate a more wholistic depiction of the theme my works want to explore. In general, creating is a reconciliation process between me and the world, which reassured me that I am co-existing with my surroundings.

Themes of my works vary; however, they are all grounded in the goal of exploring how things come to be in this way and my reflection on the meaning of existence in the world. Religion, philosophy, and science are the three major disciplines through which I find inspiration from.