Deborah Kruger

Deborah Kruger

Constructions/Collage - Sculpture - Textiles - Visual Arts - Installations


   2504 North Roxboro St, Durham, NC, 27704

My latest work focuses on the tragic losses of the 21st century, specifically the extinction of bird species, climate change and the death of indigenous languages. 

The feathers in my textile paintings, sculptures and installations are cut from recycled plastic bags and silk-screened with images from my drawings of endangered birds. The feathers are overprinted with text in endangered languages such as Tzotzil, Yakme, Shorthand and Yiddish, whose last living speakers/users are in steep decline.

The plastic feathers embed a layered narrative that addresses the global consumerism driving the loss of both bird and human habitat. I have thus been able to use my prior experience and training in wallpaper and textile design in the service of broad ecological and cultural concerns.

My team-based studio employs local women for silk screening, social media, and web design. My hope is that our collaboration fosters professional and personal empowerment.

At a time when climate change is informing so many conversations, presenting an artwork that covers so many important topics is timely and relevant. My  hope is that my pieces invite dialogue about extinction, the impact of global expansion on the environment, the importance of preserving indigenous culture, the politics of team-based art-making, the role of art in the community and the ability of art to inspire action.