animage Photography

animage Photography

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 120 Old Forest Creek Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Raised within a family value system that honors public health and social advocacy, I am most at home in community-based art projects that combine these disciplines. As an educator and visual artist, I hope that through my contributions of strong evocative visual imagery, I may play a role in building community connections. Central to my art practice of blending fine art and humanitarian work, photography and the creative arts can serve as stimulus for promoting empathy and compassion.

My portraits are project-oriented, often spanning years in production. They stretch from deeply layered multimedia collaborations and interactive collages, to the semi-abstracted water imagery of children with neurological challenges. The common thread that weaves and connects these various projects is the artistic inspiration to create, propelled by a need to express and share meaning.

For my entire career as educator/artist, community worker, and professional photographer, I have attempted to integrate that creative drive into a balanced process that remains at once aesthetic and civic.