Alissa Van Atta

I describe my work as skirting around ambiguity.  With my abstract paintings, as I would categorize as Abstract Expressionism, I often hint towards shapes created with layering, texture and different treatments of the paint.  My titles are intentionally ambiguous, but encompass aspects of my thoughts during the creative process.

I have long described my subject matter being summed up by “the other.”  My thought process has narrowed that generality towards observations of news, events and ideas that capture my attention as oddities or out of the norm.  I ask open-ended questions and debate with myself and the paint.

My intention is to create an intimate connection to the viewer that is inviting and for the viewer to be compelled to touch and feel the piece.  I gravitate toward organic shapes and tones.  I have long played with texture and opacity as to bring the viewer into the pice.  Areas of interest in the texture are often highlighted.  “Happy Accidents” are embraced and often carryover in subsequent paintings.  Expressionism is my gut statement, refinement is my pondering, editing and reworking of an image.

I primarily work medium to large in size and in acrylic.  I have introduced materials such as coffee grinds and dirt to enhance the tactility of the piece and layer with different thicknesses of paint to create work that aims to have the viewer take a moment and just take in the work.


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