Buffy Taylor

My work is a mix of imagery and mediums. My pieces are artistic representations of life moments absorbed from experiences or personal observations – filtered through my creative lens – that flow reimagined into my art.  

My background is rooted in photography, web, and graphic design but I’m a relative newcomer to the art world with 3 years of experience.  

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts concentrating in Visual Communications with minors in Information Technology Systems and Art Studio. 

During my junior year, I studied abroad at Griffith University Queensland College of Art South Bank in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. That life altering experience changed me as a person and transformed my creative thinking.

When it comes to traditional or studio art – much of my understanding is self-taught or comes from many workshops taken from 2017 (the year I decided art would become more than a hobby) to present day.

My mural work is a result of getting out there and doing it.

  • One is from being in the right place at the right time,
  • two were collaborations with others (1 of those collabs was in response to a call for art, the other I volunteered after seeing an IG post),
  • one sidewalk mural is from a call for art,
  • the rest of the murals I did on my own time in my own space for portfolio work.


  • faux-tiles


  • Time-lapse of me painting an interior mural "Queen ~b & Smokey Fox"

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