Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden
Artist | Educator | Expedition Leader
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Chris Ogden is a full-time professional artist, educator, expedition leader, and competition judge who specializes in fine art and assignment photography. He works and teaches globally, particularly in the Ant/Arctic and other deserts around the world.

His medium is primarily still/motion photography, which explores concepts of time and cyclical elemental metamorphosis. While his layered work often leads with beauty as its first level, underneath is a supporting foundational tapestry of feelings, metaphors, multiple meanings, and questions,  accessible to the viewer upon deeper reflection.

His work is frequently shown at museums, galleries, and other arts venues in traditional shows and via multimedia installations, including most recently a five-month-long solo museum show of his Stones Echo, written on Quarry Walls long-term project. His prints are enthusiastically owned by private and corporate collections alike.

Outside of making his own art, Chris is a frequent juror of print competitions, print critiquer, and lecturer helping his students and workshop attendees to Take Their Best Shots and make them better.

As well, Chris believes that the Arts (in all their various forms) can play a vital “multiplier” role to our cultural and economic vibrancy. Such “creative placemaking,” especially through public art, can truly be a rising tide that lifts all boats. He currently serves on three arts and cul

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