Emilie Menzel

​​Emilie Menzel is a poet, writer, and finder drawn to the lyrical and gently haunted. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Black Warrior Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Southern Humanities Review, and Tupelo Quarterly. Recent focuses for her work include an exploration of the language of fables and fairy tales, grief and haunting, and metamorphoses of the body.

Emilie is the recipient of the Deborah Slosberg Memorial Award in Poetry (selected by Diana Khoi Nguyen)​ and the Cara Parravani Memorial Award in Fiction (selected by Leigh Newman), and she earned her MFA in poetry from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is the curator for the digital museum The Gretel and a contributing editor for the arts and literary non-profit The Seventh Wave. Emilie currently builds local arts resources, events, and community for North Carolina with the Orange County Arts Commission and is studying for a masters in children’s librarianship, creative community, and art spaces at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

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