Ginger Wagg

I am an NC-based artist working across disciplines – music, sound, installation, visual art, and performance. Often in collaboration or co-creating, I combine several of these mediums to create live interactive public events. I am the artistic & managing director of Wild Actions, a movement-based investigative performance project. I am also an arts consultant, working with other artists and presenters to create an array of live events, as well as just starting my hand at dramaturgy. 

Over the last 5 years, alongside co-creators, we’ve presented three major installations that have been performed numerous times in North Carolina, New York, and Miami – andalwayswhy, Frivolous Artist, and Leaving Impossible Things Unattended. I am currently in two sound/movement installation projects – Reflex Arc, and Bowles, Bowne, and Wagg. Fake Sleeping, my yet to be published photo project, is a series that relies on friends or bystanders to take photos of my discarded body in public spaces. 

I participate in community organizing and believe in collective building, deep listening, and generosity. These are the principles I continue to cultivate and practice as an artist, a resident of NC, and person navigating the world in this present moment.

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