Kelly Stiles

Hey, im just an artist looking to make friends and collaborate with people locally.

Art is largely about play and invention for me, among other things. Discovery through experimentation.

In the past that has been through comic books, making movies, and making music. one example of past collaboration: a group of us artist friends got together and each pencilled our own scene (think of a comic book cover) on a sheet of paper. Then we passed it to another artist to creatively ink the picture. we ended up making a whole comic book this way. with every artist taking a different turn at writing, layout, lettering, pencilling and inking.

With another group of friends i started the experimental vocal group. We would play games using our voices (singing.) whether it be playing a sort of follow the leader, or having one person “play” the group as if they were a synthesizer.

Also, anarcho-movie-making!

I’d prefer to do artistic collaboration or comraderie in person (i can socially distance, wear a mask, etc,) rather than by zoom.  i just need some real people time. I havent been able to convince my brain that doing things on zoom is actually interacting with other human artists.

My girlfriend calls me “analog boyfriend.” While i do use computers for some of my music composition and for some stages of comic book and movie production, im much happier when im not sitting in front of  a computer all day (the one exception is editing video, which i love.)

contact me! we’ll start something!


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