Luke Vandergriff

Luke Vandergriff, musician

I feel that humanity is called to be more than prey and predators. Art is one of the tools that helps pull us out of the survival of the fittest mindset.

Art isn’t just making pretty things, it’s about helping people experience the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Luke graduated from NCSU with a BA in Spanish in 2004 and immediately moved to Bolivia where he was involved in a variety of volunteer work. Eventually, he found himself teaching art and music, painting murals, and writing and directing plays for a children’s home. After a decade and a half, marrying a wonderful Bolivian wife and having 4 awe-inspiring kids, they all move to back to NC in 2021. Currently located in Durham NC, Luke is a full-time visual and musical artist, where he explores the good, the true, and the beautiful while helping others do the same.


  • Gallery 1 - Luke Vandergriff
  • Gallery 2 - Luke Vandergriff
  • Gallery 3 - Luke Vandergriff
  • Gallery 4 - Luke Vandergriff
  • Gallery 5 - Luke Vandergriff
  • Galactic Bubbles: 20\"x16\" acrylic on Canvas


  • A massive mural and 3D art installation at LWFC

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  • Mystical indie song based on a Persian Sufi poem fusing Middle-Eastern sounds with Ukulele and modern rock.

  • Spoken word set to mystical music.

  • Mystical indie incorporating flutes, ukulele and charango.

  • A happy song about traveling and discovering the beauty of life, set to ukulele, charango and other world instruments.

  • Bilingual, Spanish/English song about the effect children have on parents.


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