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Hi! I’m Ruthie! I’ve lived in Wake county for almost ten years now! I’m a massage therapist by trade and an encourager by default. I can encourage anyone who isn’t me. Creating cards & crafting journals is my way of bringing joy & sending love into the world. There’s something classic about giving someone a handmade gift that makes one feel thought of. My goal in creating greeting cards is to bring people back to a time of re-connecting. I feel that’s something we’re losing. It’s too easy to just send an email or text but the fact that someone took the time to pick out a card and write something meaningful, speaks volume to me.

I have always loved paper and crafting. Creating “junk journals” began during covid when my sister was looking for a notebook and I offered to make her one using recyclable materials. In fact, that’s what junk journals are originally. Journals made from what would be thrown into the trash or into the recycle bin. Journals composed of all types of paper and have pockets and charms, to make things interesting. It brings me much joy to create. My goal is to have more people journal. In creating these journals, I try to make them interesting and thought provoking to help the person come back to it again and again.


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