Steven Silverleaf

Rain On The Island No. 2 40X32 Acrylic and collage on canvas

Born in 1954, I grew up between New York City, Chapel Hill, and Athens, Greece.  Intellectual adventure and creativity were valued by my parents, so my childhood household was a place infused with myth, allegory, poetry, and discussion.


I studied painting, drawing, and comparative religion at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in the 70s.  That time, combined with the experiences of childhood, firmly planted my feet in the paint, so to say, but in varying capacities. Over the years and presently, I have been an active member of motley and converging art communities, including dance, experimental theater, poetry, and art management and education.  I have served on juries, been called on as a consultant, and curated countless arts events.


I live and maintain my primary studio in Carrboro, North Carolina, where I make figurative paintings as well as collage motivated by color and composition.  I also maintain a space in Sapporo, Japan.  Right now, this is what I do.

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