Yholima Vargas

Yholima Vargas-Pedroza is a native of Colombia. Since a very young age, Yholima was inspired by Colombian art through her mother’s visual work as a landscape painter. Since then, Yholima learned to appreciate art as an expression of the soul, an extension of human emotions and cultural identity. After moving to Canada in 1997, Yholima became a recognized choreographer. Her performing career continued for several years as she become a Social Worker. After moving to North Carolina in 2007, she got involved in the not-for profit field while developing and exploring new cultural initiatives involving children and adults. However, in recent years, she became interested in the exploration of visual arts to express her vision of the world she left behind and the ones she has learned to call home. Yholima sees the world as a place in which parallel and dynamic realities meet at one point thanks to her experiences as an immigrant.   The artist describes herself as a genuine and realistic woman that understands the power of healing through artistic expressions. As a Social Worker and artist, she appreciates simplicity, humbleness, gratitude, diversity, resilience, pain, triumph, disappointment, dignity, self-respect and power   of nature. She hopes to invite   the viewer to see her world through a window of vibrant colors. Whether there is sadness, chaos, happiness, purpose, emptiness or meaning; there are always colors.



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