American Dance Festival

American Dance Festival

Since 1934, the American Dance Festival has been a recognized leader in modern dance, presenting dance performances and offering educational opportunities and community programs while maintaining an international reach. ADF ensures that modern dance remains a powerful and universal form of human expression and that this art form is accessible to all, now and for generations to come.

ADF presents national and international companies, choreographers, and artists each summer during their six-week performance season at various Durham locations. At the same time, dancers at all stages in their careers participate in dance intensives. Since 2012, ADF has been offering dance classes for all ages and abilities at their ADF Samuel H. Scripps Studios. The studios are also a space for artist residencies, rehearsal, and informal showings.


  • Gallery 1 - American Dance Festival
  • Gallery 2 - American Dance Festival
  • Gallery 3 - American Dance Festival
  • Gallery 4 - American Dance Festival
  • SW!NG OUT credit: Ben McKeown

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