Artists Standing Strong Together

Artists Standing Strong Together

Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST, “assist”) is a nonprofit artist support organization whose mission is to connect independent artists with resources.

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic by professional storytellers, ASST swiftly organized online to identify and respond to the pressing needs of artists. With the internet as our home base, what started in crisis continues to blossom into limitless opportunity. 

We are artist-driven, open to all.


Our Vision

A world where all artists have equal access to education, funding, and community.

Every single day, ASST works to create opportunities for people to discover, collaborate, grow, and share. 


What We Do

Host a weekly gathering online, free of charge, as a source of genuine community for artists everywhere, weaving education, programs, and support into a dependable forum. Beginning on March 16, 2020, we’ve met every Monday except Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Administer the Storyteller Relief Fund, a small grants program that provides critical financial support to free-lance artists in need.

Produce online storytelling programs — at least four every month — creating a platform for artists at all phases of their careers to practice their crafts. These programs are commonly free of charge and always open to the public, and we pay all artists to perform.

Conduct Youth Standing Strong Camp, where youth ages 4 – 18 are paired with individual mentors online, creating a global artist cohort across continents, lan ... view more »

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  1. I am hoping to join your online activities sometime. Please send me a link and further information.
    Thank you


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