Kerry Burch Art

Kerry Burch Art

My portfolio of work is varied and inspired by my experiences in both rural and urban environments. My eyes are drawn to patterns, lines, colors, and the dimensionality of space.  As a keen observer, I notice details and appreciate the structure, shapes, and textures on everyday objects. I find joy in taking in the subtle details of our world, whether it is the surface of an avocado, the architectural details on a building, or the patterns of a forested landscape that nature reveals unexpectedly during a walk.

As an Abstract Expressionist artist, I aim to capture and share these experiences on canvas using texture, shape, and color. I embrace and value the freedom abstraction provides, and deviating from realism allows me to experiment with design and composition.

From a process perspective, I am an intuitive painter.  I rarely have a well-formed idea when I start painting, and have learned trust my instincts. “Leaning in” to change rather than resisting change makes it easier for me to see new opportunities, and to appreciate the progression of work as it develops on the canvas.  By embracing experimentation and valuing spontaneity, happy discoveries and accidents occur more organically.

In addition to abstraction, the use of color is a unifying element across my portfolio. I paint primarily with fast-drying acrylics and glazing to create pleasing depths of color, and I use modeling paste to build texture. I also prefer to paint on large canvases, as the physical spa

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