Matt Tomko

Matt Tomko was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania and has always had a passion for nature and wildlife. He started drawing in order to keep some small part of it with him. As a child, he used to catch birds and small animals for the same reason. He had this little boy’s need to literally hold on to nature any way that he could. Because of his intense connection to the natural environment, Tomko strives to represent it as he experiences it. He starts with an under-painting, often in acrylic, to work out composition and values before applying final layers and the appropriate tints and strokes to create details. Painting in a style that has been described as Fine Art Illustration, he sometimes spends hours on fine details in feathers, branches, eyes, or leaves. Working in acrylic and oil is very forgiving and allows him the flexibility to change details until being satisfied with the feeling they create. He blends or glazes colors that are often seen only in the extreme light of morning or evening because those times of day evoke a special feeling for him. Matt’s goal as an artist is primarily to convey those feelings by connecting with that part of the viewer that feels they have been somewhere or seen something similar, can smell and feel the air and hear the sounds, and is excited about feeling that way again. By providing the viewer with fine details, he seeks to give them more than an overview if they desire it; Striving to provide them with a pleasing compositi

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